Stop looking for offices in Manhattan– try a coworking space instead

Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces


Co-working spaces are a trend that has hit the market by a storm, being quickly embraced, especially, by startup businesses. They allow for employees from different organizations or under different employers to work together. Research indicates that employees working in shared office spaces often performed better than employees who work in traditional offices. So what brings about this difference in performance?


The Ability to Stand –Out


Owning different skills, every employee feels that they stand-out from the rest. This makes them appreciate what they do, encouraging them to do it with added vigor. Additionally, unlike in traditional offices, employees working in shared office spaces are never under the pressure to follow a certain company norm. This enables them concentrate more on their job, rather than on fitting in with the rest of their co-workers.


Sharing Ideas


Being that, employees working in shared office spaces, have different skills, they are able to increase each other’s knowledge base by sharing ideas. Co-working spaces provide a platform where employees can learn from each other, get better at what they do and even acquire skills varying from what they currently possess.


Prevention of Loneliness


Co-working spaces allow employees meet with other like-minded person. Therefore, preventing the boredom and loneliness associated with working alone. Shared working spaces work as a social platform. Being part of a community and being able to interact with other employees makes one more energetic. Even, rendering work as a fun activity, rather than just a routine because you have a choice on the employees you want to interact with rather than being forced into interactions by traditional office norms.


That said, companies better start devising ways to create an environment similar to the one offered by co-working spaces. This way, they could help improve performance while still maintaining their traditional offices.


About Workville

Workville is one of the leading coworking space provider in NYC. Their main office is in Broadway on the 21st floor of the luxury office building. They have three spots, from which employees seeking to work in shared office spaces can choose from. You can either take their Union Square spaces, Bryant Park or other spots located in close proximity to transportation hubs.


With Workville, you can choose to work in open co-working spaces or their private offices. There are also dedicated desk-in private offices. All of this spaces vary in prices and availability.

White Shark Media is Always Adapting and Growing

In order to succeed as a business, the company has to have the mindset of growth. This means it has to be willing to make the necessary changes in order to continue to achieve success. One thing that business owners understand is that the world is constantly changing.

In order to be able to keep their business successful, they have to adapt with the changing world. Also, a company also has to be willing to listen to feedback and allow it to influence the decisions that are made with the company.

White Shark Media is one of the companies that are always making the necessary adjustments.

White Shark Media has received a lot of feedback on its services which allows it to improve on the satisfaction of their customers. One example of the feedback it has received deals with the communication with its clients when it comes to their campaigns. Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

Clients have made their requests known to White Shark Media Complaints team. Clients have told the staff at White Shark Media that they would like to know more about their campaigns so that they can track the success of what is being done.

White Shark Media has decided to improve the communication with their clients by scheduling follow ups and putting together other efforts of communications.

White Shark Media is an online advertising agency that helps online businesses become successful.

They provide people with optimized ads that will get people to click on the ad and buy a product from the business. The whole purpose of the company is to increase the sales and revenue of their clients.

They do everything they can to make sure their clients are seeing results for the price they pay. They know that if the client is not making money, then they may have to take their business elsewhere.

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The Midas Legacy’s Solutions of Guiding Individuals to Prosperity

The Midas Legacy is a highly competent advisory firm that has its headquarters in Winter Garden, Florida. The company’s primary services are advice on management of wealth and success. Main clients of Midas Legacy are developing entrepreneurs, individuals who are seeking for natural cures, people who wish to retire early and have comfortable lives, anyone who wants to have inner happiness, as well as investors. The main aim of the company is to offer positive guidance to its customers that will help them to achieve success. This is made possible by providing capable members with resources that will assist them in making positive transformations in various sectors such as finance, real estate, natural health.

The Midas Legacy is dedicated to serving its customers, and its services begin from the first day the client seeks its advice. After enrollment for membership of The Midas Legacy, the customers are given a book referred to as The Midas Code, which provides guidelines for success. The organization is made up of professionals who are well informed in various industries. They include bestselling writers, shareholders in the stock market, prominent entrepreneurs and principals in many other sectors. All experts of the company are mobilized to ensure that the client’s needs are satisfied.

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Fire your boss with a smile

Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

Sean Bower, Jim Samson, and Mark Edwards are some of the leading specialists who work at the company. Sean Bower is one of the best business journalists, and he has sufficient knowledge of finance. He uses his understanding of the two fields to guide clients on capital markets and business evaluation. Sean’s work has been appreciated in some global magazines such as the International Business times and the Japan’s Nikkei. Jim Samson has a twenty years’ experience in real estate and has written various bestselling books. He is also a thriving entrepreneur and stocks trader. Mark Edward has excellent knowledge in natural health remedies.

The Midas Legacy is a socially conscious company and therefore, it facilitates various community developments through making donations. Organizations in Florida such as the Florida Sheriffs Association have received its contributions. The Sheriffs Association recognized Midas Legacy as a Golden Business Member. The Give Hope Foundation is also a beneficiary and helps many families in Central Florida in getting rid of childhood cancer. The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital gets help from The Midas Legacy and it also fights childhood cancer and other harmful conditions. The Wounded Warrior Project, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Salvation Army are other foundations that Midas Legacy helps.

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Autism Rocks Foundation of Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is not your ordinary businessman. He began his career as a doctor, but while in university decided it was not for him. He then moved on to become an accountant, which earned him a place at Marril Lynch. He also worked at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, ING and the Dutch bank Rabobank, where he worked as head of trading until 2009 when the financial crisis made him redundant. Shah decided to start his own brokerage business, and that is how Solo Capital was born.
Sanjay is also the founder of the Autism Rocks organization, which he founded once it was discovered that his two year old son, Nikhil, was autistic. For the past ten years, Shah used to sponsor children in India through Plan International. He would send money monthly, but he did not have a focus on what he could do for charity other than that.
His son’s diagnosis can be said to have been a blessing in disguise, as it was for this reason that he founded the charitable organization. Another reason it could be said to be a blessing is the long waiting list at the Dubai Autism centre, that would have seen Nikhil wait for five years before receiving treatment, which would have made him develop relatively slower than if he had received the applied behavioral analysis treatment as soon as it was possible. Shah was able to pay three full-time therapists, who worked on a rotational basis to take care of his son. There are not many families who can afford this kind of care, and that is what drives Shah to keep Autism Rocks running.
Shah, while at the university used to deejay at various night clubs during the week. This knowledge came in handy when founding Autism Rocks, because he used his experience in organizing concerts so as to raise funds and awareness on autism. He got the idea of having concerts to raise funds while having a cup of tea with Snoop Dogg, who later performed among other musicians at a gig Shah had organized. Shah is still fired up, as he will not relent until he has complied an Autism rocks album which has songs donated by various pop artists.


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JustFab Is The Way to Get Your Style

This summer promises to be extremely hot both in temperature and in fashion (Get more info here: JustFab is a company that is being featured because of the quality of their summer line and also because of their attention to customer service.

JustFab is a company that was created with affordable fashion in view. JustFab features dresses, tops, handbags, and shoes. All of the styles that are featured on come out of their office that is located in Los Angeles.

JustFab tailors all of their looks to be the most trendsetting, but they also want their clothing to be affordable.

Every person’s style is very individual, and every woman has a look that she wants to put out there to the world. Some women like to look sexy; others women want to look chic.

There are also many women that like the classic look as well. Regardless of what a woman’s trend is, she is sure to be able to find her style on

According to, JustFab is a global company and they sell their clothing in Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Denmark, and Sweden. Over a million women go shopping on The first thing that they have to do is take the fun style quiz.

This is a quiz that allows them to be able to show what type of style they prefer when it comes to bags, shoes, and clothing. Next every woman gets a personalized boutique.

This personalized boutiques will have clothing that matches with her own unique style. The last step is to become a VIP member. When a person becomes a VIP member, they can save on all their outfits.

When a person is a VIP member, they get special pricing that is only for them and they are alerted when it comes to private sales and special collections. JustFab offers free shipping on all of their orders that are over $39 in all of the United States. Click these links to know more: and

Regardless of the style that a woman has, she wants to look her best and present her best face to the world. JustFab enables every woman to do just that. It is a website that helps women to be able to find stylish and affordable clothing that makes them feel great.

Be the Champion of Your Diet

Upon appearance, blogger Wengie would seem to be the last person to give advice about how to diet. However, do not let her size and youthful appearance fool you. This lady has much to offer as she shares a portion of her own journey to healthier eating, highlights helpful tips that gets that average person through daily cravings, and gives great advice on how to maintain longevity.

Wengie’s Health Journey

According to Wengie, for the most part she did not recognize that she had bad eating habits until she noticeably begin gaining weight. Through this journey she gained knowledge of her own physical self, which included her current worsened eating habits. Her fight to regain control was admittedly hard, but she beat the odds. The tips that she offers others who face similar challenges are very rewarding if applied.

How to Fight Through Cravings

Typically, the average person is not born with a built in “bad food cravings” reject button. So this part of the diet mission happens to be one of the hardest parts to conquer. Wengie is very helpful with the insight that she gives by offering advice such as:

Stay away from every kind of restaurant during your dieting period, even if it means becoming a “social outcast”.
Reduce your daily “calorie intake” and scale down your portion sizes.
Replace bad food habits with healthier ones while learning new cooking skills.

In addition to suggesting an effective weight loss tea, she continues by offering some very prudent counsel that will sustain determined individuals.

How to Maintain Longevity

Most of the time “longevity” in the dieting arena is where the stamina fails. That is why the following advice is so important.

Develop self-discipline as it pertains to food.
Discover “healthy foods” and permanently replace your old diet with them.
Change the way that you look at and enjoy food.

If long-term results are what you are after, Wengie’s dietary tips may be the path for you.


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Entrepreneurs Have To Ignore The Haters

There are vicious people out there and they are prone to causing a lot of harm to a business. A recently article published at discussed what business owners can do when they are faced with “haters” who try to undermine a commercial enterprise’s success.


Two points noted at the beginning of the article suggest the aggrieved should avoid getting into any mudslinging with those who say negative things. Public displays of anger are not going to help the cause of protecting a businesses good name. This leads to the second point. Only interact with customers and do so in a manner that assures them business will be conducted as usual and with the highest standards of quality and customer service. An approach like this could prevent customers from leaving.


Additional steps should be performed to deal with any negative commentary in the search engines. Ignoring the search engine results would be perilous.


A brand can be ruined in a relatively short period of time. Once a few bad reviews start to appear in the search engine results, the narrative about a business begins to change. The change is obviously not for the better. The short-term impact is not a good one. The long-term effect is going to be dramatically worse. Allowing disastrously negative results to remain in the search engine listings is an atrociously bad idea. The internet should be the source of positive news about a business and not a venue for its marketing destruction. A constant, unanswered flow of terrible search engine results undermines the good cause.


Checking out the website would be worthwhile. At, business owners can access a professional service capable of cleaning up bad news from a reputation management perspective.


The best advice in the article is saved for last. No matter what happens, entrepreneurs have to stay focused on the positive. Entrepreneurs have to stay focused and remain on the right track in order to be successful. Don’t let hater upend those plans.


A Snapshot of Dr. Jennifer Walden and her career

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a well-established American plastic surgeon. As an expert in the field of plastic surgery, she has appeared as a guest commentator for ABC News, Fox News, VH1, E!, Dr 90210, etc.


Dr. Walden was born in Austin, Texas on November 17, 1971. Her parents both worked in the medical field as her father was a dentist, and her mother was a surgical nurse.

She completed her undergraduate study in biology at the University of Texas at Austin and later graduated as salutatorian at the Univesity of Texas Medical Branch.


After completing her education, Dr. Waldenleft Texas to go to New York, where she obtained an aesthetic surgery fellowship in 2004 from the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Following her fellowship, she worked as the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director for the hospital from 2008 until 2011.

She moved back to her hometown of Austin and founded Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC, a private plastic surgery practice and ambulatory surgery center.”

Personal Life

Dr. Walden is a mother of twin sons, Rex and Houston. They were born in November 2010 through in-vitro fertilization, and she credits the birth of her children as the reason why she has made the decision moved back to Austin.


Dr. Walden is a certified plastic surgeon recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities. She has practice licenses in Texas, New York, and Florida.


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