Be the Champion of Your Diet

Upon appearance, blogger Wengie would seem to be the last person to give advice about how to diet. However, do not let her size and youthful appearance fool you. This lady has much to offer as she shares a portion of her own journey to healthier eating, highlights helpful tips that gets that average person through daily cravings, and gives great advice on how to maintain longevity.

Wengie’s Health Journey

According to Wengie, for the most part she did not recognize that she had bad eating habits until she noticeably begin gaining weight. Through this journey she gained knowledge of her own physical self, which included her current worsened eating habits. Her fight to regain control was admittedly hard, but she beat the odds. The tips that she offers others who face similar challenges are very rewarding if applied.

How to Fight Through Cravings

Typically, the average person is not born with a built in “bad food cravings” reject button. So this part of the diet mission happens to be one of the hardest parts to conquer. Wengie is very helpful with the insight that she gives by offering advice such as:

Stay away from every kind of restaurant during your dieting period, even if it means becoming a “social outcast”.
Reduce your daily “calorie intake” and scale down your portion sizes.
Replace bad food habits with healthier ones while learning new cooking skills.

In addition to suggesting an effective weight loss tea, she continues by offering some very prudent counsel that will sustain determined individuals.

How to Maintain Longevity

Most of the time “longevity” in the dieting arena is where the stamina fails. That is why the following advice is so important.

Develop self-discipline as it pertains to food.
Discover “healthy foods” and permanently replace your old diet with them.
Change the way that you look at and enjoy food.

If long-term results are what you are after, Wengie’s dietary tips may be the path for you.


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Entrepreneurs Have To Ignore The Haters

There are vicious people out there and they are prone to causing a lot of harm to a business. A recently article published at discussed what business owners can do when they are faced with “haters” who try to undermine a commercial enterprise’s success.


Two points noted at the beginning of the article suggest the aggrieved should avoid getting into any mudslinging with those who say negative things. Public displays of anger are not going to help the cause of protecting a businesses good name. This leads to the second point. Only interact with customers and do so in a manner that assures them business will be conducted as usual and with the highest standards of quality and customer service. An approach like this could prevent customers from leaving.


Additional steps should be performed to deal with any negative commentary in the search engines. Ignoring the search engine results would be perilous.


A brand can be ruined in a relatively short period of time. Once a few bad reviews start to appear in the search engine results, the narrative about a business begins to change. The change is obviously not for the better. The short-term impact is not a good one. The long-term effect is going to be dramatically worse. Allowing disastrously negative results to remain in the search engine listings is an atrociously bad idea. The internet should be the source of positive news about a business and not a venue for its marketing destruction. A constant, unanswered flow of terrible search engine results undermines the good cause.


Checking out the website would be worthwhile. At, business owners can access a professional service capable of cleaning up bad news from a reputation management perspective.


The best advice in the article is saved for last. No matter what happens, entrepreneurs have to stay focused on the positive. Entrepreneurs have to stay focused and remain on the right track in order to be successful. Don’t let hater upend those plans.


A Snapshot of Dr. Jennifer Walden and her career

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is a well-established American plastic surgeon. As an expert in the field of plastic surgery, she has appeared as a guest commentator for ABC News, Fox News, VH1, E!, Dr 90210, etc.


Dr. Walden was born in Austin, Texas on November 17, 1971. Her parents both worked in the medical field as her father was a dentist, and her mother was a surgical nurse.

She completed her undergraduate study in biology at the University of Texas at Austin and later graduated as salutatorian at the Univesity of Texas Medical Branch.


After completing her education, Dr. Waldenleft Texas to go to New York, where she obtained an aesthetic surgery fellowship in 2004 from the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Following her fellowship, she worked as the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director for the hospital from 2008 until 2011.

She moved back to her hometown of Austin and founded Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC, a private plastic surgery practice and ambulatory surgery center.”

Personal Life

Dr. Walden is a mother of twin sons, Rex and Houston. They were born in November 2010 through in-vitro fertilization, and she credits the birth of her children as the reason why she has made the decision moved back to Austin.


Dr. Walden is a certified plastic surgeon recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities. She has practice licenses in Texas, New York, and Florida.


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